Kelly Dilbeck

Handy Gal, Artist, and DIY Teacher in Chicago, Illinois

Handygal - Artist - Jane of all* Trades - DIY Teacher

I’ve been tinkering since I was 7 years old, and I’ve spent my adult life efficiently DIY’ing the heck out of things for myself, and friends & family. You know, the trusty, MacGuyver-like fix-it friend you call when you need something done. An accurate description of me & my work: Martha Stewart meets The Grateful Dead.

I am excited to offer DIY instruction! Want to paint your place, and gain the skills you need to paint any future place you live in? Create a gallery wall? Replace your window or door screens? Hang window blinds? Hire me to teach you as we get the task done together.

You can also hire me to just do the thing, and not teach you. I won't judge you either way.

Here's a rough idea of what I love to do (and teach):

Upcycling and repurposing weird, junky or sentimental items (I have a particular fondness for this. View and shop my work at my Etsy shop HERE.)

Refinishing/repairing almost anything made of wood

Home and office furniture assembly/disassembly

Painting (interiors only); drywall & plaster repair

Bidet attachment installation

Decorative painting and faux finishing, on canvas, walls, furniture, etc.

Mosaic tile (tabletops, kitchen trivets, etc.) I've got a couple of bathroom floors under my belt as well.

Art and photo installation

Creating photobooks and slideshow videos from photos of memorable travels or events

Hanging hooks for plants or bikes; hanging blinds; hanging all sorts of stuff

Screen repair/replacement for doors or windows

Tackling Honey-do lists

I enjoy thinking about some of the weird problems people have with their living spaces; even more so, presenting creative solutions to make them more livable.

My experience and interests are strangely broad, and I'm a lifelong learner, so I am happy to discuss any tasks/projects not listed above. Send me your list!

My rates are easy. Click HIRE ME for details.

Mobile as heck and serving you, city of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

*Almost all